Romchek 4,Sangkat Rattanak, Battambang, Cambodia

What is CTOD?

COMMUNITY TRAINING ORGANIZATION FOR DEVELOPMENT (CTOD) is a non-Governmental organization, non-profit organization, non-prejudiced organization, non-religion Organization, neutral, and non-political organization in Romchek 04 Village, Sangkat Rattanak, Krong Battambang, Battambang Province, Cambodia. CTOD is established since 23/7/2018 by Former executive director and program manager of national and International organization and Group of students from other university in Battambang. registered as an official organization with the Ministry of Interior 06th August ,2018. (Registration No: 4703(bror.Kor). CTOD’s main goal is to improve the livelihoods of children and youth, poor people, vulnerable, orphan, and disabilities through informal and non-informal educations. Furthermore, to integrate community development, good governance, drinkable and usable water, sustainable agriculture, climate change/disaster program, and child rights.

CTOD provides Teaching For Improved Gender Equality and Responsiveness (TIGER) to schools director, teachers, committee support schools, council commune women committee (CCWC) and offering the trainings on about community leader empowerment focusing on youth groups, women, and CWCCs. CTOD organizes 3 training workshops involving 270 Persons (137 women) across all 15 Communes and 3 Districts of Battambang Province, Cambodia.   CTOD offers free English courses to children and youths in the community within various subjects including Khmer literacy, English literacy, computer programming, primary health education, Integrate Community Development, Good Governance Program, climate change/disaster program, clean water program, and agriculture program awareness and vocational skills training.

The livelihood of children, youth and poor people in the community will be improved through non- informal education and community development.

Providing free education to poor child and poor people in communities such as languages, computer skills, vocational training with the objective of helping to solve family problems for better living through education and development of a community development.

Community Training Organization for Development (CTOD) is aimed to join the Royal Government  of Cambodia to achieve a society where people live with dignity, solidarity, transparency, Independent, peace,  and pay attention to gender and sustainability.

Community Development Organization for Development has the main objectives:

  1. To join the Royal Government of Cambodia in the development of Cambodia in line with Rectangular Strategy of the Royal Government of Cambodia.
  2. Providing opportunities for poor people to improve their Living Conditions with dignity.
  3. Improving food security and food for children to poor families and providing knowledge on agriculture, strengthening ability farmers and providing Agricultural materials.
  4. Improve the quality of education at primary and secondary levels by strengthening the capacity of teachers, school support committees and provide the study materials to school and student.
  5. Education about primary health, education environment, education informal and non-formal, clean water and climate change.
  6. Enhancing of Vocational training to youth and good governance.

Core Value:
Respect follows democratic principles, respect human rights and children’s rights, solidarity, cooperation, transparency, accountability and sustainability.

What do we do?

  • Reduce the poverty of children and youth in Cambodia through education.
  • Offer an opportunity to the youth who have stopped attending government school to return to study in an informal organization.
  • Prevent drug abuse in the community through education.
  • Vocational skills training, such as computer training.
  • Give students the opportunity to improve their communication skills by practicing with our volunteers.
  • Provide a safe space for children and youths to express themselves.
  • Provide moral education.
  • Help children to become more confident and develop critical thinking, with the hope that they can eventually take an active role in developing their own communities.
  • Provide aids to vulnerable by disaster in Battambang.
  • Provide awareness skill on about vegetables culture and livestock care.
  • Provide training to community and Leader of Community about living with water and annotation, cuisine preparation, shower and toilet in such a hygienic and sanitation ways in targeted areas by CTOD.
  • Provide training on about principle of good governance all 9 point such as: 1-Vision as a Strategy, 2-Rule of law, 3-transparency, 4-Group consent, 5-Fair, 6-Efficiency and Effectiveness, 7-Response,8-accountability, 9-Participation) to group youths, Group women and CCWC of Commune Council in Battambang Province, Cambodia.
  • Provide  advance information  to Community on about disaster in Battambang, Emergency announcements, Preparedness Emergency, Need assessment team, bring People vulnerable to safe Places, provide foods, other Material, Tents, medicine, to Community live at safe Place.